Spring Newsletter 2023

Northgate Medical Practice

This Newsletter is produced by the Northgate Medical Practice Patients Participation Group (PPG).  The PPG is made up of patients whose role is to act as a communication link between the professionals at the practice and the patients, to channel the views and concerns of patients back to the team, and to offer practical help if needed.

New at the Practice

Four new Salaried GP's

  • Dr Olena Salyem
  • Dr Theophilus Chiazor
  • Dr Joseph Sachin
  • Dr Thakshayini Thivyathasan
  • Dr Charley, will be returning in May

Two new Healthcare Assistants

  • Gina O’Shea
  • Penny Twydell

Cervical Screening Awareness Week

This year the Cervical Screening Service Week runs from the 19th to the 24th of June.  Its purpose is to raise awareness of the need for testing and information about what it involves, and where to find that information. Every year, during this Awareness Week we share information about the tests, including tips and patient experiences, and we work with experts to help those who find cervical screening difficult. We want every woman and person with a cervix to know where they can get information and support about cervical screening. We need your help to make sure this is shared far and wide! 
For more information about cervical screening go to the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website www.jostrust.org.uk.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Everyone over the age of 45 should have their blood pressure checked at least every 5 years or more often as directed by your GP or nurse.  The reason for this is that, if left untreated, high blood pressure can increase your risk of developing a number of serious long-term health conditions. You can take a blood pressure test at any of the Practice’s surgeries – you will find machines in reception. You will need to follow the instructions and take three readings.  Your readings are printed out and you should put your name and date of birth on the back of each one and hand them in to the reception team.

New GP Contract

The new contract will entail a change in the way in which telephone calls for appointments are handled.  Patients will be asked about their problem to establish which service is appropriate. They will then be ‘signposted’ that is directed to the appropriate practitioner, which might be the Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Advanced Practitioners, nurses, GP, the Urgent Treatment Centre or  the NHS 111 service.
It is worth knowing that Kent is the first region to have a dedicated Mental Health team within the NHS 111 service: press option 2 to access it.

Covid Spring Boosters

As this Newsletter is being written the NHS has begun the Covid spring booster programme. People aged 75 years and older, residents in care homes for older people, and those aged 5 years and over with a weakened immune system will be offered a booster of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine this spring.  You should be offered an appointment between April and June, with those at highest risk being called in first.  You will be invited to have your booster around 6 months from your last dose, but you can have it from 3 months.  If you are turning 75 years of age between April and June, you will be called for vaccination during the campaign; you do not have to wait for your birthday. 
Please book your appointment on the National Booking System, however there is a drop in service at the Sea Cadet Hub, Vauxhall Road, Canterbury.

Surgery Closures

Staff Training Afternoons

  • 17 May
  • 6 June
  • 4 July
  • 8 August
  • 5 September
  • 3 October
  • 7 November

Bank Holidays


  • 1 May
  • 8 May
  • 29 May


  • 28 August


  • 25 December
  • 26 December

How to Order a Repeat Prescription

If you require a repeat prescription, you can request it via our:
Email: fax.nmp@nhs.net providing your full name and date of birth or 
Or use the Form on our Website

Other ways to order:

  • Use the NHS or Patient Access apps 
  • Leave a hand-written note at reception/post (with your name and date of birth)
  • Complete the green prescription request form at reception
  • Complete the form from your previous prescription and leave at reception/post
  • Request a printed copy of your medication from reception

Requests for repeat prescriptions are not taken over the telephone as errors can occur in verbal communication

When you order a repeat prescription you should do so in good time as it takes 3 working days to process your request. If you wish you can submit your repeat request up to two weeks before you are due to run out.

One off prescriptions

You may be given a prescription after seeing the GP, the clinical pharmacist or an advanced nurse practitioner. This will normally be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy for collection. However if you wish to use another pharmacy please speak to the clinician.
Did you know…? An average of 500 requests for prescriptions are dealt with every day, and each one has to be checked and signed off by a GP – that’s 50 to 80 per GP!

Travel Vaccinations

If you're planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. Vaccinations are available to protect you against infections such as Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Hepatitis A.

Which travel vaccines do I need?

You can find out which vaccinations are necessary or recommended for the areas you'll be visiting on these websites

Contact the Patients Participation Group

If you are interested in membership of the group, or have any helpful observations on the work of Northgate Medical Practice, email us on nmp.ppg@nhs.net

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