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GP2GP allows patients electronic health records to be transferred directly when they register with the practice, securely, safely and quickly between their old and new practices when patients change GP practice.  GP2GP is part of the NHS Spine secure messaging platform, it allows GP systems to:                  

  • request a GP record from the old GP system

  • send a GP record to the new GP system

  • acknowledge receipt of the GP record

  • The following link provides further information GP2GP - NHS England Digital

Recycling your old Inhalers click here for more information  The majority of inhalers prescribed in Kent and Medway are metered dose inhalers and all types of inhaler can be dropped off at participating sites.

Plastic. The polypropylene plastic is recycled into clothing, food containers and compost bins to name a few items.

Metal. Metal components, such as inhaler canasters, are compressed into a brick and then sent to a smelter where they are separated into different metals and used in a variety of applications.

Gas. The hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) gas found in MDI inhalers is reclaimed and used in the refrigeration industry

Pharmaceutical product. Any remaining pharmaceutical product is captured using extremely fine filters and then incinerated at high temperature to ensure safe disposal.

Where can I drop my inhaler off to be recycled  - For a map of the participating site click here

Get the right treatment when you need it

Knowing the right place to go can help you get the treatment you need faster. Please choose wisely and help us help you. 

You may not always need to see a GP, receptionists will be able to guide you to access the most appropriate healthcare professional

Please be kind to our staff who are working very hard for you.       

NHS services are very busy at the moment. It's important to come forward with any health concerns but you can help ease the pressure by choosing the right service. 

Accident and emergency (A&E) departments are currently extremely busy treating high numbers of patients.                                                                            This service is for those who need it most – like people with severe chest pains, serious head injuries, loss of consciousness or breathing difficulties.         

Please help us to protect emergency departments by using an alternative service if you have a less serious condition.

Waiting for hospital treatments—please contact hospitals directly to check waiting times  

Download the NHS app to access a range of services from your phone or tablet. 

You can find waiting times for urgent treatment centres on the WaitLess app. Download it free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

More than 41,000 people did not attend their appointments in June 2023. We would urge anyone who can no longer attend any appointment to cancel them. This allows the practice to use the time to see other patients in need.

We are reminding patients to cancel their appointment if they can no longer attend to allow the practice to use the time to see others in need.     If you need to cancel your appointment please call us on 01227 208556 and select option 2.


Northgate Medical Practice has a significant number of military veterans registered with us.  We are conscious that some military veterans might be affected by the 20th anniversary of the Iraq conflict. If you have been affected by this, help is available as the surgery is proud to be accredited as a veteran friendly practice by the Royal College of GPs. Help is also available via Op Courage, the veterans’ mental health and wellbeing service

Econsult can be used for - Requesting repeat medication, Change your contact information aswell as requesting GP advice or an an appointment.


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