How to Request a Home Visit




Home visits are for housebound or infirm patients, or those who are genuinely too ill to attend the surgery.

Please remember that the receptionists are here to help you. They have a difficult job to do, with phone calls and enquiries from every direction. When telephoning or visiting for medical attention, the receptionist may ask for a few details. They have been trained to make these enquiries so that we can help you in the most appropriate way.


Health & Safety Notice to Patients with Dogs & Pets for Home Visits

Patients please note:

  • If a home visit is requested it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that any dog (or pet) is fully restrained, either on a lead and controlled or shut away in cage and/or a separate room to the home visit consultation.
  • If a doctor arrives and this has not happened the doctor retains the right to leave and not carry out the home visit request.

Home Visits Image