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Sorry, we have disabled booking appts via Patient Access due to the pandemic.  Hopefully we can resume this in the future.  




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Appointments for the Doctors can only be booked by telephone on 01227 208556. We encourage patients to make appointments with their usual GP, and recognise that this will not always be possible for a variety of reasons. If this is not possible, you may be offered an appointment with an alternative GP,  advised when your own GP is next available or you may be offered an appointment with one of our Specialist Training GPs.

You will normally be seen on the same day that you contact us for an appointment. Please advise us of any change of address together with any contact telephone numbers. Please also check that you are still within the Practice catchment area, which is approximately 5 miles from Northgate.

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As a result of a recent patient survey, and due to our continuing efforts to improve the appointment system, we have introduced a number of appointments which enable you to book an appointment in advance. As the surgery timetables are planned, the amount of ‘pre-bookable’ appointments may vary from day to day. This is because we take into account many different factors such as school holidays, public holidays, GP leave and local or national health alerts. The system for ‘booking an appointment on the day’ will remain in place and will make up the majority of appointments available to you. We hope these changes to the system will make booking an appointment more convenient to you.


Here for you for longer

Due to additional funding from the government and to increase access into primary care services in the locality.  We are able to offer more primary care appointments for Nurses, Physiotherapists, ONEYOU Advisers, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and GPs. 

For patients of the Canterbury area it means that services should now be available from   8 am until 8 pm Monday to Friday, with some availability on a Saturday and Sunday morning in the locality.       

Please be aware that the service may not be offered from our site here at Northgate Medical Practice but may be offered at another locality within Canterbury.

For further details please ask at Reception.


Telephone Advice

Sometimes all that may be necessary is for the Doctor, Urgent Care Team or Nurse to give you advice over the telephone (between 8.00 am and 11.30 am). Please give a message to the Receptionist, who will ask the Urgent Care Team to call you back on that day (unless you are advised otherwise) but cannot guarantee a time. Home visits can be requested by telephoning 01227 208556 (between 8.00 am and 11.00 am, unless urgent).

NB We must remind all patients that abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and could lead to removal from the premises and de-registration.


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