Covid Vaccination Update

So a quick update for you all on our fantastic and ongoing achievements for vaccinating our local patient populations according the the Government and JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) patient priority lists

Priority Group 1
Care home residents and residential care workers. 70% vaccination achieved. All patients have been risk assessed and this is an ongoing process.

Priority Group 2
Aged 80 years and over , healthcare workers and social care workers - although we cannot accurately report on the number of Heath and social care workers vaccinated currently, this is because they may not be patients registered at Northgate Medical Practice, but work in our locality. We can tell you that we have offered vaccinations to 100% of the patients aged 80 and over and successfully vaccinated 96%.

Priority Group 3
Patients aged 75 to 79 years
We have currently vaccinated 52% of this group, and are currently inviting patients to attend clinics in the week beginning February 8th 2021.

Priority Group 4
Patients aged 70 to 74 and clinically extremely vulnerable.
We continue to work through the list of patients to invite to clinic, but we are still awaiting confirmation of the vaccine supply and delivery to enable us to complete this group in line with the Government target of mid February.

Thank you

If you have received a letter to arrange your appointment from NHS England or central Government to have your vaccination at a one of the mass vaccination centres, please be aware that the current nearest one to us is in Folkestone ,and we believe a further site has opened in Gravesend today. You are most welcome to attend these sites for your vaccination , but you must book an appointment and you should follow the instructions given in your letter.

If you feel that you have missed your invitation to attend for your vaccination here at Northgate Medical Practice and you are in Priority groups 1 or 2 , please contact us to discuss arrangements.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this difficult time and appreciate all of the kind words and gestures of encouragement that the Team has received.

Published: Jan 31, 2021

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